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What you’ll learn

Our 66-page ESG report is a step-by-step guide for communication professionals and business leaders to navigate producing an exceptional sustainability or annual report.
A successful report helps differentiate you from your competition and enhance your sector position. It can substantiate key strategic decisions and enhance the credibility of management. It can also attract bright employees to your company. Your report can even help sustain your share price and ensure it trades at a premium.

Our objective is to help you find clarity and focus in what can be a complex process: planning, budgeting for, producing and distributing an exceptional document.

Download this report to learn more about:
  • Presenting your performance across a series of indicators in a concise and transparent manner
  • Explaining management’s strategy in a compelling and credible way
  •  Presenting the company to prospective business partners or investors
  • Developing a concept, and learning how to tell a strong story
  • How to write a creative brief for your project, understanding design development and photography
  • How to deliver your message (print/online)